Since I have started playing CastleVille on Facebook I have always been rearranging my kingdom to fit my new spacial needs, building arrangements, nature, decor, wildstock, and farming area, and so I have redrawing kingdom plans at least once a week. What I find really important with the planning is symmetry, purpose, and aesthetics.

My first plan was inspired by the Duke's Kingdom. Then I was inspired by Martha Stewart's Kingdom. I sort of combined the two for my kingdom, except at the moment I am running out of space :/ (I need more exploration crystals, I need to expand!!!). Also, I need to add a bit more decoration, but besides that it's looking good.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that planning your kingdom can be fun and it is important. It's also a great way to "waste" time while you're waiting for your health meter to go up again.