Today I started working on workshops. I would need a lot of materials if I would have any hope of defending against the gloom. Yvette had made some breakfast with honey and something or other that resembled pancakes. They were real good, but I have no idea how she managed it as we did not have any food prep facilities. This is also on my massive list of things to do.

I had just stopped for lunch when I smelled something delicious coming from the edge of the clearing near Yvette’s house. Before I could see what she had, the strangest feeling came over me, like I was being watched by something in the gloom. I called to Yvette that I would be back in a moment and entered the gloom to the south. After exploring a bit, I found a dark skinned woodsman frozen in gloom shock. As I placed my hand upon his shoulder the color returned to his dark skin and he began to waken. His name is Rafael and he told me that while he was wondering the gloom, he seen others. He can now no longer remember any of them save for 1, a beautiful woman.

I decide to bring him back to our camp for lunch and we can decide what he wants to do afterwards. As we are returning to the camp this evil bird flies out of nowhere nearly taking off my head before flying back into the gloom and the trees. Rafael noticed the bird had dropped a letter and as I read it, I cannot say I was truly surprised. This was from some Alastair wizard guy. He wants me to seek him out and says if I am who he thinks I am I will find him. What? Will he be hiding in the shadows behind my house? Gloom brings the strangest situations and makes them common place.

Rafael says he wants to join my cause, but he needs to rescue this stranded stranger. If I will help him, he will become my devoted subject. He has the strangest accent. I agree to help him, if for no other reason to learn his story. He does seem to be quite the womanizer.