I've decided my personal mission on this wiki is to organize the crafting material articles. There is no template for them as far as I can tell; but I've written one based off the Wood Plank article, which seems to have the most complete layout of the ones I've seen.

I just need to learn how to add a new template to the wiki.

Stuff I did today:

  • Created the Puppet Booth article. I'd like to rename it "Party Starter" but don't know what the right way to do that without creating an orphaned article is. The Carnival Party starter seems to have become the Puppet Booth, judging by the Party On! article in this wiki and my current quest dialog for Party On! in Castleville. So I think there should be one article for "Party Starter" with a gallery that tracks the different appearances of this item. But... How?
  • Added images for Old Sock and Araucana Egg.