The Hunky Blacksmith

Ulrich is a famous and good looking blacksmith who decides to stay in your kingdom to teach you workshop mastery. He introduces a new crafting support building, the smelter.


Ulrich grew up in a village famous for forging, before the time of the gloom. He left after the Gloom Lord invaded his village and forced the blacksmiths to build evil things for him. Since then he has searched the world for kingdoms to lay down his hammer and teach the nobles his forging skills.

Ulrich's House

Ulrich's house is a solid house made of stone and wood, covered by an iron roof with a weathercock. In order to build his house you need 3 mortars, 5 stone blocks and 2 iron ores. Mortars can be crafted in the workshop and require 5 stone, 1 sand, 1 shell and 3 clay. You can collect Zynga1Coins 1,500 Coins every 8 hours from his house and get an additional Zynga1Coins 150 Coins when collecting if you place his house on courtyard.




Quest Series

Forging Ahead (10 Quests)

A Gift For Ulrich