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Axp 01

Reputation points are designed to reward players for the social aspect of the game. They may be earned by visiting and helping your neighbors. You can use Reputation points to buy items on the Market, which are purchasable only with Reputation points, spend them to fufill quests or use the Reputations points when crafting items. You may keep a maximum of 100 Reputation points and is shown on the Reputation Bar.

Reputation Bar

It counts up to 100 maximum. Avoid nearing the 100 Reputation points limit, since any excess Reputation points are lost.

Finding Reputation

  • Basic tasks like farming, caring for animals, tending buildings and others. (Somebody please clarify).
  • When tending your neighbors' Royal Buildings you have a chance for Axp 01 2 Reputation instead of usual 1. (You have to be a crew member of that building.)
  • Other player's News Feeds might give you reputation.
  • The Love Potion rewards up to 100 reputation. (I recieved 10 Hearts for each of 3 Love Potions)