Merida, the heroine in Disney Pixar's movie "Brave", stops by to bring archery to castleville! Her fiery-red, unruly mane reflects her adventurous and strong spirit.

Archery is her honed skill and her visit to our kingdoms introduces the Archery Tent, a new crafting building (which can later be replaced by the 2nd Archery Tent) in castleville! Archery Tournaments abound with wonderful new gifts up for grabs!

Quote: "Archery is not just about technique. The right bow and arrows can get you far!".


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Official Presentation Video



  • Archery


Quest Series

Brave (9 Quests)

A Gift For Merida

At the end of each quest series, if you are not yet high enough level to begin the next series, Merida will instead ask you for a gift. These requests are not essential to advancing her quest chains, but provide Zynga1Coins 1,000 Coins. Once you have reached the required level for her next quest chain, the button icon will disappear and be replaced by the blue question mark indicating that she has a quest.

Merida is known to ask for: