This page will show you how to create a correctly formated quest page by using the source mode. For farther help look at the recommended links at the bottom of the page.

Stages Of Building A Quest Page

A quest page will be build in 8 short and simple stages, all displayed here:


The image should be the image of the quest like QuestDukeCrown and QuestSonjaCow. Please try to avoid using images like QuestKathleenAlone (not a quest image). You can use this page to learn how to add a photo: How To: Add A Photo. make sure the photo is on the right side of the page and enlarge/reduced to 150 pixels. Put the image in the first line of the page.


Every mission has a short transcript before the tasks. At the next line, write the transcript between <blockquote>'' and ''</blockquote>, like this:

<blockquote>''I'm so excited to join your Kingdom! But, um... could you build me a house so I'll be safe from the Beasties?''</blockquote>.
Please notice that there is a difference between <blockquote> and writing a colon (:) at the beggining of the line. DO NOT use a colon!

Intro Line

Press enter twice to go two lines down. This is the format of the introduction of a quest page. Copy it and customize the bolded italic parts to match your quest page:

"Put here the goal's name" is quest number out of number in the [[Name of goals series]] quesetline.
You can also write the word goal or the word mission instead of the word quest. This is just one line and you need no more then it.


This is the longest part in the page creation. Start this stage by pressing enter twice to go two lines down. Now write ==Tasks==, then press enter and continue. The first line will always look like this:

Now press enter again. For the first task of the quest write those 4 lines (skip a line if you don't know what to put there):
After the equal sign (=) of each line write the name of the image which you saw in the game (like Construction_2x2_01.png), the task itself like the game phrase it (like Find a good location and place Yvette's house.), the hint the game gives (like You can find the plans for Yvette's House in the Buildings tab of your Inventory.) or the amount of crown which needed to skip this task (like 5). For the second task do the same but write task2Image, task2Info, task2Hint and task2Skip. For the third task do the same but write task3Image, task3Info, task3Hint and task3Skip.

Closing The Template

Now, in a new line but with no empty lines between the previous stage to this one, write this:

Write the amount of coins and the amount of experience you get from completing this quest. If coins and experience are not the only things you get from this quest write the next two lines also:
Other is the name of what you get and otherAmount is the amount. Finaly, write this:
Just write the names of the previous quest and the next quest in there places.

Transcript 2

In the next line, but again with NO empty lines between the previous stage and this one (it's very important), write the transcription for completing the mission between <blockquote>'' and ''</blockquote>.

Sharing Text

Press enter twice to go two lines down. Write ==Share== and press enter. Now add the relavent image. Write the text from the sharing link but every time there's a name change it to X. Here is an example:

[[File:Raise_the_Roof_-_share.png|left]]'''X is sheltering the homeless!''' X just built a new home for Yvette, their first subject in CastleVille. Come get some Stone to shelter your royal subjects.
You can also write what a person will get by pressing on the link.


At the end of the page write this in a new line: [[Categories:Goals]].


If you have images that are relavent to the quest and you haven't used in the page, or if you find any in the wiki, you can add theme to a gallery. To see how to do so go here: How To: Add a Gallery.

Pages Of Good Example

The following pages pages are built exactly as writen here, you can use them to see how a quest page should look like. You can also look at a page's source by pressing "Edit" while being in the page.

Besides from the list above there are also many other pages in the wiki that are following the rules listed here.