This page will show you how to create a correctly formated beastie page by using the source mode. For farther help look at the recommended links at the bottom of the page.

Stages Of Building A Quest Page

A beastie page will be build in 8 stages, all displayed here:

The Note

The first line in a beastie page will be this: {{Beastie}}. By writing this you display the following line:

This page includes an intro and unique info about this beastie. For more info that is relevant to all of the Gloom creatures go to Beasties.


The image of the beastie should come here, after the note and before any other information. When adding an image, change the word "thumb" to the word "right". for farthere information about how to add an image look at Add A Photo.


The beastie name is a creature of the [[Gloom]]. While there's a beastie name on your lands you can't do actions around him (including [[Design Mode|designing actions]]). In order to banish a Gloom Beastie Name you need to hit him number of hits times, each time costs one [[energy]]. Once the beastie name is gone you can continue do what ever you like, as long as there are no more [[beasties]] on your land.

First Encounter

Most beasties apear for the first time in a quest. If the beastie dosn't have a timed first encounter skip this stage.
Start this stage by writing ==First Encounter==, then press enter and describe the when is the first time you encounter this beastie in the game.


Start this stage by writing ==Triggers==, then press enter and write this line:

A beastie name might appear when:
Press enter again.
Now write a list of the triggers that might make the beastie apear.


Start this stage by writing ==Drops==, then press enter and write this line:

A Gloom Beastie Name sometimes drops:
Press enter again.
Now write a list of the things the beastie might drop. don't write things that all beasties might drop (like crystal shards) or anything that might be droped by doing any action (like secret ingredient).

Anything else?

Do you have anything else to tell about this beastie? Write a title and then what ever you have to say.


At the right of the editor there is an option called Categories, in the bigger box write: [[Category: Beasties]].

Pages Of Good Example

The following pages are built exactly as writen here, you can use them to see how a beastie page should look like. You can also look at a page's source by pressing "Edit" while being in the page.

Besides from the list above there are also many other pages in the wiki that are following the rules listed here.