This page will show you an example of how to add a photo both to the wiki and to a page.

Add A Photo To The Wiki

There are two places you can add a photo to the wiki from. In every page (beside the Home page) there's a "Photo's box" at the right side where you can find an "Add A Photo" button. At the top of every page there's a "Contribute" button, where you can find another "Add A Photo" option. Both open the same window.

In the window opened you can choose a photo from your own computer and upload it the wiki.

Add A Photo To A Page

After uploading a photo to the wiki you can use it on any page. You can also use any other photo that anyone ever loaded to the wiki. It is possible to delete a photo from the wiki after it has been uploaded, so we ask you not to.

You can use a photo by pressing on the "Photo" button and manualy search for the photo or look for it by entering an index word. You will get the following line: [[File:photo name|thumb]], change it to look like this:
[[File:photo name|side|size]].

Side is right or left, you can also leave it empty but then don't write one of the | signs. Size is in pixels and there for will look like this: 150px, 200px, 50px and ect.