Main Series Quests

Yvette Quests

Tutorial Quests
QuestGiselleAlone Raise the Roof
Talk to the Animals
QuestGiselleAlone Get Plucky
Cow 03 Icon No Bull
QuestGiselleAlone From Gloom to Bloom
QuestGiselleAlone 14 Carrots
QuestGiselleAlone For the Birds
QuestGiselleAlone Fence Me In
QuestGiselleAlone A Bit Bullish
QuestGiselleAlone Bird Feeder
QuestGiselleAlone Chicken Lover
QuestGiselleAlone Peace is the Answer
QuestGiselleAlone Beastie Collection
QuestGiselleAlone Beastie Confection
QuestGiselleAlone Beastie Banishment
QuestGiselleAlone Heavy Lifting
QuestGiselleAlone Flies to Honey
QuestGiselleAlone Purple Drink
QuestGiselleAlone Hungry like a Gloom Wolf
QuestGiselleAlone Growing Up
QuestGiselleAlone Stiff as a Board
QuestGiselleAlone Beauty Rest
QuestGiselleAlone Siren Song
QuestGiselleAlone Hairy Tale
QuestGiselleAlone Spinning Wheels
QuestGiselleAlone The Fairest One
QuestGiselleAlone Color Girl
QuestGiselleAlone Career Woman
QuestGiselleAlone The Savage Beast
QuestGiselleAlone Hoodwinked
QuestGiselleAlone If the Shoe Fits
QuestGiselleAlone Wild Thing
QuestGiselleAlone Shining Star
QuestGiselleAlone Fan Mail
QuestGiselleAlone Big Trip
QuestGiselleAlone Homecoming
QuestGiselleAlone Fishing Trip
QuestGiselleAlone Lunch Time
QuestGiselleAlone Flower Arranging
QuestGiselleAlone Housekeeping
QuestGiselleAlone Rebuilding
QuestGiselleAlone Me Time
QuestGiselleAlone Afraid of the Dark
QuestGiselleAlone The Golden Egg
Enter: The Gloom Swamp!
QuestGiselleAlone Eau De Gloom Orc
QuestGiselleAlone Fit for a Swamp
QuestGiselleAlone Gloom Roots!
QuestGiselleAlone Listen! You Smell Something?
QuestGiselleAlone Rooted In Evil
QuestGiselleAlone In Foul Territory
QuestGiselleAlone Cleansed With Flame
QuestGiselleAlone Swamp Rejuvenation
QuestGiselleAlone Going Deeper
QuestGiselleAlone Spread the Word (Yvette)
Party Time
QuestGiselleAlone It's My Party
QuestGiselleAlone Party On!
QuestGiselleAlone Party Hearty
QuestGiselleAlone Partied Out
QuestGiselleAlone After Party
Flower Unicorn-u-copia
QuestGiselleAlone Party Like Unicorns!
Explore Exploration Go!
BeastieWolf Stand Back!
GlueCraftable 01 Icon Fixer Upper
30px The Unicorn Tower
Unicorn Fence Six Degrees of Beacon
HammerCraftable 01 Icon The One Tower
Berry Scone Scouting Ahead
BookCraftable 01 Icon For the Unicorns!
The Seven Unicorns
30px Spirited Away
30px Sharing is Caring
30px Start Light, Star Bright
30px Fortune Favors the Bold
30px Ode to Joy
30px Magical Friendship!
30px Hope Springs Eternal
30px A Horse of a Different Color
A Force of Nature
Explore Shake, Rattle, and Go!
Goose 01 Icon A Magical Bond
Cleansing Rain Make it Rain
30px Big Fashion
SaffronSage A Blossoming Friendship
Lucky Rainbow The Sheep Don't Seem to Mind
MagicBeanMaterial 01 Icon Preparation and Perspiration
Harvest Wind The Winds of Change
Sunripen It's Always Sunny in CastleVille
30px Giant Appetites
Hop To It
30px Like Bunnies
QuestGiselleAlone They're Everywhere!
30px Animal Shelter
CarrotMaterial 01 Icon Bait and Switch
AlarmBell It's A Trap!
Explore For My Next Trick
QuestGiselleAlone I Spy With My Little Eye
30px Herding Bunnies
To Woo a Maiden
30px Nice Ride
30px Travel in Style
30px Prep and Pep
30px Breaking the Ice (To Woo a Maiden)
30px The Friend Zone
30px Sensible Scents
30px Hazel's Boy Toy
BubblyGrogCraftable 01 Icon Sailor's Delight
30px A Crook's Hook
30px Mr. Big Bucks
30px Bridge of Trust
30px In the Name of Love
Ladder of Love Together At Last!
Signs of Affection
30px Whittle Him Down
30px Sugar Coated
30px Bedazzle Him
30px Beautiful Friendship
Picnic basket Day Trip
Romantic Poetry Prose and Cons
Stationery His Biggest Fan
Tending Unicorns
Sweet Inspiration Unicorn Worship
Sweet Inspiration Unicorn 101
Sweet Inspiration 02 Unicorn Comfort
Decorative Pillow Dances with Unicorns
QuestYvetteAlone ??
Camping Comforts
Catered Dinner Catered Camping
Comfy Comforter Roughing It... In Luxury

Duke Quests

Tutorial Quests
QuestDukeAlone Sticks and Stones
QuestDukeAlone Penny Pinching
QuestDukeAlone Visiting Heirs
Nobility A Noble Beginning
QuestDukeAlone Into the Gloom
QuestDukeAlone Throw it on the Ground
QuestDukeAlone Stay Grounded
QuestDukeAlone Getting Wet
QuestDukeAlone The Plot Thickens
QuestDukeAlone Cropping Up
QuestDukeAlone Lumbering Along
QuestDukeAlone Prepping for an Invasion
QuestDukeAlone Knock Down Drag Out
QuestDukeAlone Sell It All!
QuestDukeAlone Rattus Gloomerus
QuestDukeAlone Free Range
QuestDukeAlone Home Improvements
QuestDukeAlone Stockpile
QuestDukeAlone Decoration Distraction
QuestDukeAlone Cry Wolf
QuestDukeAlone Salad Diet
QuestDukeAlone Divine Bovine
QuestDukeAlone Butter-side Up
QuestDukeAlone Culinary School
QuestDukeAlone Chewy Meat Bar
QuestDukeAlone Chain Restaurant
QuestDukeAlone Swimming in Money
QuestDukeAlone Fry Anything
QuestDukeAlone Wrapped in Chocolate
QuestDukeAlone Coat of Honey
QuestDukeAlone Where are the Snickerdoodles?
QuestDukeAlone Chop Chop!
QuestDukeAlone Hollowed Be Thy Cheese
QuestDukeAlone Nice Rack
When Beasties Attack
QuestDukeAlone The Good Fight
QuestDukeAlone Weird Science
QuestDukeAlone Here, Beastie Beastie...
QuestDukeAlone Wolf's Bane
QuestDukeAlone Morphing Time
QuestDukeAlone WMBD
QuestDukeAlone Secret Ingredient
QuestDukeAlone Clucked Up
Food Courtship
QuestDukeAlone Clean Sweep
Duke with Chicken Feel the Love
Duke with Pink Tulip Welcome, Mia!
Mia with Mia's House Home Cooking
QuestDukeAlone An Ally in Me
QuestDukeAlone Allies with Benefits
Duke with Alliance Point Halfway There
Duke with Alliance Point Give and Take
QuestDukeAlone The Waiting Game
QuestDukeAlone Be Prepared
QuestDukeAlone Stocking Up
QuestDukeAlone One Small Step
QuestDukeAlone Into The Dark
The Lamont Swamp
QuestDukeAlone Root Of The Problem
QuestDukeAlone Shrine Time
QuestDukeAlone Old Faithful
QuestDukeAlone Preparation
QuestDukeAlone Finding Lamont
QuestDukeAlone Free At Last!
QuestDukeAlone Lamont's Demise
QuestDukeAlone Odd Pod
Duke Vs. Food
QuestDukeAlone Hot Or Not!
QuestDukeAlone It Burns!
QuestDukeAlone It Still Burns!
QuestDukeAlone Anything Goes
QuestDukeAlone Food Fight!
QuestDukeAlone Best Laid Plans
QuestDukeAlone Gnome Mistake
QuestDukeAlone Out Of Time
QuestDukeAlone Just In Case
QuestDukeAlone Might be Giants
QuestDukeAlone Altar State
QuestDukeAlone Unhinged
QuestDukeAlone Egged On
QuestDukeAlone Rubble Rumble
Eggstraordinary Evidence
QuestDukeAlone Chicken or the Egg?
QuestDukeAlone Egging Him On
QuestDukeAlone The Unicorn Egg
QuestDukeAlone Nest of the Unicorn
QuestDukeAlone To Hatch a Unicorn
QuestDukeAlone Better Beastie Banishment
QuestDukeAlone Draggin' Your Feet
QuestDukeAlone Holy Smokes!
QuestDukeAlone Zen and the Art of Nest Design
QuestDukeAlone Hear Me Roar
Renaissance Man
QuestDukeAlone Underground
QuestDukeAlone Emergence
Giovanni finishes this story line
BeeswaxMaterial 01 Icon Apply Liberally
QuestDukeAlone The Waiting Game (Heraldry)
30px Crest Creation
Some Assembly Required Some Assembly Required
GoldBarCraftable 01 Icon Gold Rush
QuestDukeAlone Clobberin' Time
BerrySmoothie Market Fresh
FlowerBellflower 01 Icon Over the Moon
30px Neat Freaks
Bass Icon Mr. Whiskerton's Adventure
Fertilizer Agricultural Superpower
LongBow 01 Icon Pride on Edifice
Saucy Tart Buttering Up
Chicken 01 Icon Happy and They Know It!
Bar of Soap Mr. Clean
Rock 02 The Once and Future King
Coins Charity Begins At Home
SteelSwordCraftable 01 Icon Gloom Busters
MiningCamp 02 Icon Supply in Demand
30px This Is Flag Country
Storage Cellar Hoarders?
Pack Leader A Wolf Pack of One
QuestDukeAlone A Penny Saved
Steelsword Best Friend's Club
Pavilion and Party Every Day!
Tailor The Duke's New Clothes
Large Crest Banner Lather, Rinse, Repeat
QuestFaugrimmAlone Gloom and Doom
The Relatively Dimensional Dairy Barn
Cow 03 Icon Crazy Over Cows
30px Cowa-Bungalow!
30px Demanding Supplies
30px Relatively Dimensional!
Cow 03 Icon Feed the Beast
Cow 03 Icon How Now, THAT'S a Cow!
MilkBottleMaterial 01 Icon Happy Cows?
Cow 03 Icon Bringing Up the House
30px Cow-Catcher
Duke's Cookoff
Sweet Bun Bun-tastic!
Linen Food Throwdown
CarrotCakeCraftable 01 Icon Good Eats
BlueberryMuffinsCraftable 01 Icon Sconer Food
Kitchen Drinks R Us
QuestDukeAlone ??
ChickenPotPieCraftable 01 Icon Pie Five
Pizza Pizza Time
QuestDukeAlone Tie Breaker
30px It's a Desserter

Rafael Quests

QuestNathanielAlone Good Foundations
QuestNathanielAlone Walk to the Light
QuestNathanielAlone Work the Kinks
QuestNathanielAlone Fear and Loathing
QuestNathanielAlone Woo Who?
QuestNathanielAlone A Noble Cause
QuestNathanielAlone Spread the Word
QuestNathanielAlone Send in the Dummy
QuestNathanielAlone Warning Signs
QuestNathanielAlone Momentary Distraction
QuestNathanielAlone The Mysterious Stranger
QuestNathanielAlone Too Sexy
QuestNathanielAlone A Decent Proposal
QuestNathanielAlone Not in my Kingdom
QuestNathanielAlone Mightiest of Trees
QuestNathanielAlone Art of Love
QuestNathanielAlone A Helping Hand
QuestNathanielAlone Animal Lover
QuestNathanielAlone Fried Fish and Love
QuestNathanielAlone Gobblin' Goblin
QuestNathanielAlone Show of Strength
QuestNathanielAlone Ooh, Shiny!
QuestNathanielAlone A Good Word
QuestNathanielAlone Berry Sweet
QuestNathanielAlone Romantic Garden
QuestNathanielAlone Interruptive Dance
QuestNathanielAlone Fire Eater
QuestNathanielAlone Hunter Meet Hunted
QuestNathanielAlone Adventure Club Enrollment
QuestNathanielAlone Save the Date
QuestNathanielAlone Going Tribal
QuestNathanielAlone Mountain Climber
QuestNathanielAlone Fire Sale
QuestNathanielAlone Polar Bear In Sheeps Clothing
QuestNathanielAlone Building a Better Beastie
HammerCraftable 01 Icon Gather and Prepare
Blueprints Better Than Ever
QuestNathanielAlone Gloom Wrought
BeastieThief Beauty Unrest
QuestNathanielAlone Balloon Ride To Adventure
WorkBenchCraftable 01 Icon Commencement Exercise
30px Windows on the Great Hall
30px Back for More
30px Throne Room Cozy-Up
30px Everybody Take 5
30px Restoration Celebration
30px Wizard's Keep Recharge
30px Assault On The Vault
30px Overdue Books
Rafael's #1 Fan
30px Dear Rafael,
IronAxeCraftable 01 Icon Looking For Trouble
Autographed Sketch So Responsive
30px Fan the Flames
Rafael's Cologne Task Impossible
Practice Dummy Fan Club President
QuestFaugrimmAlone No. 1 Fan Revealed
Steelsword Anything For a Fan
Bar of Soap Clean Freak
HouseSinger 01 Icon Bruised Feelings
Rafael & Yvette Go Steady
30px Rafael IS Hot
30px Food to Warm the Soul
Grindstone Bedridden
Sheep 01 Icon Counting Sheep to Fall Asleep
Energizing Concoction Go-Go Concoction
Teddy Bear From the Heart (Rafael)
WoolClothCraftable 01 Icon Rafael's Passion
LeatherCraftable 01 Icon Nature Lovers
SteelSwordCraftable 01 Icon Lovesick?
Rafael's Got Talent
Autographed Sketch Talent Show
HoneyMaterial 01 Icon Got Talent?
Royal Chateau The Big Day
Rock 02 The Miner
Butterfly The Wizard
FaunsHarp Lets Celebrate
Rafael's Cologne Performance Anxiety
Ice Cream Cone The Woodsmen
Sheet Music The Singer
Practice Dummy The Pirate
Rafael and Yvette Go Camping
HouseSinger 01 Icon A Rugged Request
Star-Crossed Telescope Scoping The Site
HardBoiledEggsCraftable 01 Icon Supplies Me!
Star-Crossed Telescope (Completed) Star Gazing
Rugged Rucksack Where, Oh Where, Can Yvette Be?
Ranger Tower You Can Go Home Again
Upgraded Star-Crossed Telescope Star-Crossed Star Gazers
BeastieYeti Opposites Attract
Explore Looking For Our Lost Lamb
Harvest Festival
PartyMasksMaterial Icon 01 Masquerade Fall
Fall Wreath Harvest Decor
ChickenMaterial 01 Icon Autumn Feast
Pumpkin Setting Touch of Fall
Harvest Lantern Light the Way
Fall Harvest House Last Dance
30px On that Note
Four Course Meal Feast of Fall
Corn Cob Cart More Masquerade
Smelling Salts A Perfect Mess
Bad Relationship Advice
QuestRafaelAlone A Distant Romance
30px Handy Around the House
QuestRafaelAlone ??
QuestRafaelAlone ??
QuestRafaelAlone ??
QuestRafaelAlone ??
QuestRafaelAlone ??
QuestRafaelAlone ??

Alastair Quests

The Search for Alastair
QuestAlastairAlone Look Beyond
QuestAlastairAlone View From Above
QuestAlastairAlone Sterner Stuff
QuestAlastairAlone It Takes a Village
QuestAlastairAlone A Call to Arms
QuestAlastairAlone A Daring Rescue
Great Hall
QuestAlastairAlone En Guarde!
QuestAlastairAlone Food and Shelter
QuestAlastairAlone Thought for Food
QuestAlastairAlone Clear Intentions
QuestAlastairAlone A Good Foundation
QuestAlastairAlone Cultural Awareness
QuestAlastairAlone Castle Improvement
QuestAlastairAlone Outer Beauty
QuestAlastairAlone Fortified
QuestAlastairAlone Tower Defense
QuestAlastairAlone Feeling Crafty
QuestAlastairAlone Peasant Dreams
QuestAlastairAlone Get Resourceful
QuestAlastairAlone Even Greater
QuestAlastairAlone Earn Your Keep
QuestAlastairAlone Royal Feast
QuestAlastairAlone Royal Duds
QuestAlastairAlone Worthy
QuestAlastairAlone Diplomacy
QuestAlastairAlone Vault-y Tower
The Gloom Lord
QuestAlastairAlone Staring Down Evil
QuestAlastairAlone Book of Sinister Schemes
QuestAlastairAlone Save Alastair, Part 1
QuestAlastairAlone Save Alastair, Part 2
QuestAlastairAlone Save Alastair, Part 3
QuestAlastairAlone Banish the Gloom Lord
The Architects
AncientArtifact The Ancient Artifact
Reputation Strange Noises
QuestAlastairAlone House of Fire
Myrick's Flask Myrick's Flask
Myrick's Flask How to Catch a Dragon
AncientArtifact Garden of the Architects
QuestAlastairAlone The Ancient Castle Builders
QuestAlastairAlone Manifest Destination
AncientArtifact The Essence of All Things Mythical
Abandoned Dragon Cave
Sheep 01 Icon Sense and Sensibility
Exploration Crystal Northward Bound
30px Rifting Scepters
QuestAlastairAlone How Convenient
QuestAlastairAlone Into the Gloom (Alastair)
QuestAlastairAlone Riches Galore
QuestAlastairAlone Into the Depths
30px Shrouded in Mystery
30px Bump in the Road
Faugrimm's Vacation
30px Mirror, Mirror
WaterPail 01 Icon Look Closer
Explore Gloom, Interrupted
30px To Do List
Baking Soda Slime Time
MarketCrop 01 Icon Why So Glum
RopeCraftable 01 Icon Tower of Gloom
30px Volcano No More
30px One More Slime
30px Secrets in the Gloom
30px Two Too Many
Quinn's Curse
Decorations Something's Not Right...
30px Kiss for the Cure
30px Sanctuary
30px Hairy Situation
30px Eyerate
RopeCraftable 01 Icon My Hat is Too Small
30px Nostrildamas
30px Easy Does Zit
The Book of Sinister Schemes, Part I
Book of Sinister Schemes Breaking the Book
TomatoMaterial 01 Icon Secrets Revealed
StickOfButterCraftable 01 Icon Be Prepared!
Kitchen Danger! Danger!
Keg Triple Digit Heat
StoneBlockCraftable 01 Icon Weathering the Storm
Glass The Calm Before the Storm
QuestAlastairAlone Two Extremes
Cow 01 Icon Lifting the Shroud
WaterPail 01 Icon Faugrimm's Sinister Schemes
No Place Like Throne
Sugar Cubes Hath No Fury
Frozen Throne Cold as Ice
Hazel's Icy Bramble A Brambling man
Ruby Above the Thaw
Frostmite To Each Their Throne
Inspiring Unicorns
Beacon of Arcadia Mysterious Tower
Creative Juice Young Unicorns!
Tome of Lore Creativity On The Rise
Gloom Goblin Equine Protection Clause
Horseshoe Proper Unicorn Care
Unicorn Inspiration Measuring Up
Enchanted Ink Uni-Herd
Pondsy Scheme
Explore Once Upond a Time
QuestAlastairAlone Uprooting the Problem
Explore To the Gloomy Pools
Rustic Pond Pooling Together Resources
Unsink To the Gloomy Pools

Sonja Quests

QuestSonjaAlone Digging It
QuestSonjaAlone Shard Work
QuestSonjaAlone Shards and Crafts
QuestSonjaAlone Protection
QuestSonjaAlone Scare Beastie
QuestSonjaAlone Pick the Lock
QuestSonjaAlone Melt the Lock
QuestSonjaAlone Sonja's Chest
QuestSonjaAlone Take a Break
QuestSonjaAlone Stuck in the Mud
QuestSonjaAlone Sonja's Booty
QuestSonjaAlone Fish Tale
QuestSonjaAlone Baited Breath
QuestSonjaAlone Hooked
QuestSonjaAlone Carp Diem
QuestSonjaAlone Bottoms Up!
QuestSonjaAlone Brine Dining
QuestSonjaAlone All Tied Up
QuestSonjaAlone A Pirate's Life
QuestSonjaAlone Pearl of Wisdom
QuestSonjaAlone That's the Spirit!
QuestSonjaAlone On the Hunt
QuestSonjaAlone Curses!
QuestSonjaAlone Get Lucky
QuestSonjaAlone Neighborly Luck
QuestSonjaAlone Curse Proof
QuestSonjaAlone Good Luck
QuestSonjaAlone Fear Not
QuestSonjaAlone Finders Keepers
QuestSonjaAlone Charmed
QuestSonjaAlone Crystal Clear
You're a Pirate!
QuestSonjaAlone The Backup Plan
QuestSonjaAlone Master Chef
QuestSonjaAlone Chow Downed
QuestSonjaAlone Sewed Up
QuestSonjaAlone Design Disaster
QuestSonjaAlone Shipping Off
A Tale of Two Pirates
QuestSonjaAlone To Land's End
30px Distiller
HammerCraftable 01 Icon What, the Hull?
30px Lightning Storm
30px Hammer Time
Croc Swordplay
QuestSonjaAlone Master and Commander
30px Water Storm
30px Going Coconuts
Coffee 02 Go Figurehead
30px Wind Storm
30px Ship-Shape
Sonja's Pirate Tavern
WoodPlanksCraftable 01 Icon Please Stay!
PirateTavern 01 Icon Going Viral
QuestSonjaAlone Cobblestone Cred
PirateTavern 01 Icon Sonja's Grand Opening
HamSandwichCraftable 01 Icon Take A Number
SteelSwordCraftable 01 Icon Nautical Nostalgia
Keg Date Knight
FlamingGrogCraftable 01 Icon So Not a Date
Halloween Tricks
Halloween Party Starter Trick-ARRR-Treat
QuestSonjaAlone ??
QuestSonjaAlone ??
QuestSonjaAlone ??
QuestSonjaAlone ??
QuestSonjaAlone ??

Izadora Quests

Party Girl
QuestIzadoraAlone New Scene
QuestIzadoraAlone Drab to Fab
QuestIzadoraAlone Shopping Spree
QuestIzadoraAlone BFFS
QuestIzadoraAlone Vay-Cay
QuestIzadoraAlone Shunned
QuestIzadoraAlone Scandalous
QuestIzadoraAlone RUI
QuestIzadoraAlone Whoops
QuestIzadoraAlone Perfect Pet
The Diva
QuestIzadoraAlone Like a Virgo
QuestIzadoraAlone Happy Medium
QuestIzadoraAlone Scents and Sensibility
QuestIzadoraAlone Brush With Danger
QuestIzadoraAlone Model Citizen
QuestIzadoraAlone Design Wise
QuestIzadoraAlone Graceful
QuestIzadoraAlone Drama Queen
QuestIzadoraAlone Low Note
QuestIzadoraAlone Good Fortune
QuestIzadoraAlone Fashion Forward
Gloom To Glam
QuestIzadoraAlone Gloom to Glam
QuestIzadoraAlone All That Glitters
QuestIzadoraAlone Silver and Bold
QuestIzadoraAlone Shine On
QuestIzadoraAlone Truth in Advertising
Spa Treatment
QuestIzadoraAlone Spa-tacular!
QuestIzadoraAlone Chocolate Delight
QuestIzadoraAlone Star Struck
QuestIzadoraAlone Bad Hair Day
QuestIzadoraAlone Color Blind
QuestIzadoraAlone A New Do
Sharp-Dressed Men
VegetableJuiceCraftable 01 Icon Under Pressure
LoomCraftable 01 Icon Supplies and Demands
Blue Feather By the Seat of His Pants
WorkBenchCraftable 01 Icon Skirting the Issue
Bar of Soap Dirty Work
Reputation Going Global
CottonLeggingsCraftable 01 Icon A Weighty Problem
IvoryButtonCraftable 01 Icon Stomping Grounds
LeatherPantsCraftable 01 Icon Ruffled Feathers
DyeCraftable 01 Icon Stuffed Shirt
Rules of Engagement
Xtra Strong Cleanser What's Mine is George
AnvilCraftable 01 Icon No Rings Attached
FastenerCraftable 01 Icon Breathe Easy
StainedGlassCraftable 01 Icon Picture Perfect
QuestIzadoraAlone Tasting the Cake
QuestIzadoraAlone Diamonds are Forever
QuestIzadoraAlone A Friendly Feast
QuestIzadoraAlone The Fault is Mine
QuestIzadoraAlone Reception Misconception
Parchment R.S.V.P.

Quinn Quests

QuestQuinnAlone Out of the Gloom
QuestQuinnAlone Fresh Air and Hard Work
QuestQuinnAlone Lost and Replaced
QuestQuinnAlone Legends of Yore
QuestQuinnAlone The Knowledge Building
QuestQuinnAlone Corn for a Kettle
QuestQuinnAlone Lend Me Your Ears
QuestQuinnAlone Corn Spirit
QuestQuinnAlone Fluffy Goodness
QuestQuinnAlone Golden Nuggets
A Great Dish
QuestQuinnAlone The Main Dish
QuestQuinnAlone Battered And Fried
QuestQuinnAlone Tasty Fillet
QuestQuinnAlone Neighborhood Fish
QuestQuinnAlone On The Road Again
St. Patrick's Day
QuestQuinnAlone Going Green
QuestQuinnAlone Exterior Decorating
QuestQuinnAlone One For The Road
Every Girl Loves Flowers
30px Put the Petal to the Mettle
30px Pick the Bloom Off the Rose
30px More of the Roses

Sylphie Quests

FairyWingMaterial 01 Icon Clap if you Believe
QuestSubiconCook Great for Spooning
QuestSubiconCharisma Pixie Mix
GemShard 01 Icon Winging It
YellowFeatherMaterial 01 Icon Mighty Wings
StatueGnome 01 Icon Project Mischief
CarrotCakeCraftable 01 Icon Pint Sized Feast
Axp 01 Flight for your Right
BagOfNailsCraftable 01 Icon Do Not Want
Trellis 01 Flower Child
Battle for the Portal
Explore A Portal Too Far
30px Cold Hearted
30px Love Hurts
Explore Blaze Through
30px Cloning Around
30px Without Restraint
Animal Treats Time To Focus
30px Two To Go
Bottle of Ink Alastair's Errand
30px Glyph Busters
30px Attack of the Clone
HammerCraftable 01 Icon Re-engineering the Portal
Going for the Gold
Prize Voucher Just an Exercise
Prize Voucher Ticket to Fame
Prize Voucher Hard Work and ALL Play
Prize Voucher That's the Ticket!
Prize Voucher The Grand Prize!
A Tunnel of Treasure
Matching Mushrooms Ticket A Tunnel of Treasure
A Fairy Colorful Tale
FairyWorldFlower 10 Icon One Small Step (Sylphie)
ColorizeSpell 01 Icon A Colorful Outlook
MushroomFairy 05 Icon Against the Gray-n
Purple Color Well A Well Defined Plan
Banishus Maximus Banishus Maximus
QuestSylphieAlone ??
QuestSylphieAlone ??
QuestSylphieAlone ??
Orange Color Well The Orange Well
PortalEnergySpell 01 Icon Energize!
QuestSylphieAlone ??
Sylphie Sickness
QuestSylphieAlone ??
FlyTrapFairy 01 Icon A Pixie Pick Me Up!
QuestSylphieAlone Toil and Trouble
QuestSylphieAlone ??
QuestSylphieAlone ??

George Quests

Axp 01 Ask Around
TowerGuard 01 Icon High and Low
SnowShoesMaterial 01 Icon Prepping for the Cold
BeastieYeti Onward!
PracticeDummies 01 Icon Montage
SnowyTreatMaterial 01 Icon Dealing with Distractions
Axp 01 Checking Him Out
BeastieYeti Not So Tough!
HammerCraftable 01 Icon Crafting For Success!
Axp 01 A Little Love
TomatoBisqueCraftable 01 Icon Rumblings
IronPickCraftable 01 Icon Break the Ice
IceChunkMaterial 01 Icon The Second Date
Axp 01 Third Base
BeastieYeti Escape Out the Back
QuestGeorgeAlone Fallout
QuestGeorgeAlone Rune Away
StoneBlockCraftable 01 Icon Safety First
QuestGeorgeAlone All in the Mine
IronPickCraftable 01 Icon All Mine
QuestGeorgeAlone Mine Crafting
QuestGeorgeAlone What a Blast
QuestGeorgeAlone Mine Sweep
RegalHoeMaterial 01 Icon Miner Problem
QuestGeorgeAlone Pig Out
George with Sheet Music Good Night Skippy
FishingPond 01 Icon What Also Floats?
QuestGeorgeAlone Proper Care
Rock Rock Show
Skippy's New Place
30px Pet Rock Blues
30px Fountain Mount
Conservatory Conserve This
RoyalSpaIcon Hot Rockin'
FriedFishCraftable 01 Icon One More Try
Sheet Music Holey Place
The Cathedral Cathedral Construction
OrnateTapestryCraftable 01 Icon Story of My Life
GoldBarCraftable 01 Icon Interior Decor
Oats Prep Work
Pump it Up
Pump Never Mined the Leak
Turbo Mine Miner Water Damage
Book Knowledge is Power
Pizza Power Nap
QuestGeorgeAlone Sump Pump
InkCraftable 01 Icon Safe and Sound
Slime Dissolver A Dirty Mine
QuestGeorgeAlone High and Dry
QuestGeorgeAlone Slim Pickings

Hazel Quests

MarketCastleExpansion 01 Icon Oh, Hail
TotemPrison 01 Icon Melt With You
IcePickCraftable 01 Icon Ice to Meet You
BeastieThief Freeze!
QuestDukeAlone Gate Crashing
IceChunkMaterial 01 Icon Breaking the Ice
QuestDukeAlone Chill Out
BeastieYeti Frost Bites
MarketCastleExpansion 01 Icon On Thin Ice
BeastieYeti A Little Love
Hazel with Diary Page Warming Up
Hazel with Gloom Theif Potion Beastie Party
Hazel with Diary Page Evil Intentions
QuestHazel-Alone Hate Potion No. 9
WolfHairMaterial 01 Icon Gloom Chic
QuestHazel-Alone Foul Farewell
QuestHazel-Alone How Thoughtful
StoneBlockCraftable 01 Icon Epic Etchings
Hazel's Heartbreak
Spellbook of Spirit Magic Castle Crasher
Frostmite Ice meeting you!
Charm Gloom Rat Rat-atouille
Faugrimm Doll Where is the Love?
Bird Dazzle Icy Manipulator
Bird Dazzle Unbreak Her Heart
CandleCraftable 01 Icon The Dating Game
Charm Gloom Wolf Wolf Charmer

Kathleen Quests

SandMaterial 01 Icon Are you Inn
BellowsCraftable 01 Icon Inn the Details
InnRoyal 01 Icon Inn-Side
WashBasinMaterial 01 Icon Shelter from the Storm
RopeCraftable 01 Icon Such Sweet Sorrow
BeastieWolf On the Hunt
WolfPeltMaterial 01 Icon Wolves' Clothing
Lantern 01 Icon Sleep Tight
Sheep 01 Icon Penned In
BeastieWolf A Bit Sheepish
MapPieceMaterial 01 Icon Long Way Home
HoneyMaterial 01 Icon Quinn Comes Inn
Axp 01 Royal Inn Grand Opening
Spring is Sprung
QuestKathleenAlone Spring Fling
QuestKathleenAlone Spring Cleaning
QuestKathleenAlone Bunches of Babies
Puppy Love
QuestKathleenAlone A Warm Welcome
QuestKathleenAlone Puppy Proving
QuestKathleenAlone Puppy-Proofing
QuestKathleenAlone Food and Shelter
QuestKathleenAlone Adoption Day
QuestKathleenAlone Prize Puppy
QuestKathleenAlone Digging Around
QuestKathleenAlone Play Time
On the Lam
Ice Cream Sandwich Sugar Coating
QuestKathleenAlone Curses! (On the Lam)
Oven Mitt Too Hot To Handle
IronPickCraftable 01 Icon A Smashing Success
WantedPosterMaterial 01 Icon Help Wanted
HamSandwichCraftable 01 Icon Homecoming Queen
Mirth The Best Medicine
CakeCraftable 01 Icon Happy Days
WoolClothCraftable 01 Icon The Aftermath
BrickOvenCraftable 01 Icon Things Are Heating Up

Mia Quests

QuestMiaAlone Gimme Sugar
QuestMiaAlone Bakin' Bits
QuestMiaAlone What A Tart!
QuestMiaAlone Flour Power
QuestMiaAlone Batter Up
QuestMiaAlone Taste Test
QuestMiaAlone Mia Culpa
QuestMiaAlone Pantry Raid
QuestMiaAlone Hampered Chef
QuestMiaAlone Hello, Cupcake!
QuestMiaAlone Where Have You Beans?
QuestMiaAlone Don't Have a Cow
QuestMiaAlone Taste Testing
QuestMiaAlone Let's Make Whoopie
QuestMiaAlone Knock Out!
QuestMiaAlone Never Tasted So Good!
QuestMiaAlone The Antidote
QuestMiaAlone Enough is Enough!
QuestMiaAlone Lock Him Up!
QuestMiaAlone What's In the Cake
A Study In Sweet Buns
QuestMiaAlone Playing Detective
QuestMiaAlone Corruption in Dukedom?
QuestMiaAlone The Face of Innocence
QuestMiaAlone Incriminating Evidence
QuestMiaAlone Just Desserts Mia
How Sweet
CookiesMaterial 01 Icon Comfort Food
Berry Scone All Worked Up
CakeCraftable 01 Icon Piece of Cake
Yellow Goosefoot Spruced Up
Charm Bracelet Dolled Up
Cupcake Love Conquers All
ChickenPotPieCraftable 01 Icon Home Sweet Home
BeddingCraftable 01 Tossed Cookies
ChiliPepperMaterial 01 Icon Love Hurts (Mia)
ChocolateCoveredStrawberriesCraftable 01 Icon Sweets for the Sweet
Halloween Treats
PumpkinMaterial 01 Icon Wanted: House
QuestMiaAlone ??
QuestMiaAlone ??
QuestMiaAlone ??
QuestMiaAlone ??

Baz Quests

Bump in the Night
1 Trust Issues
1 Hungry Hungry...
1 Monsters
1 Count Dracula?
1 Big Foot?
1 Baiting the Trap II
1 Baiting the Trap I
1 Setting the Trap
1 Creeper Trap
1 Fish Dinner
Occupational Hazards
1 Smell the Roses
1 My Stumps
1 Potion Commotion
1 Rocksitting
1 Miner Treasure
1 Royal Flush
1 Stink Monster Prep
1 Trackin' Gas
1 Stink Monster
1 Into the Deep
1 Downward!
AngleCraftable 01 Icon Dragons?
1 Baz Finds His Calling!

Ulrich Quests

Forging Ahead
QuestDukeAlone Tall, Dark and Fearsome
Dirty Deeds
Building A Foundation
Brick by Brick
Tools of the Trade
Obey Your Master?
Heavy Meddling
Test Your Metal
Steely Resolve
Smelting Pot
Kingdom Refit
Workshop Coin For Your Thoughts
HammerCraftable 01 Icon Hit the Nail on the Noggin
BagOfNailsCraftable 01 Icon Peak Efficiency
BrickOvenCraftable 01 Icon Oven-agedon
ChickenPotPieCraftable 01 Icon More Than You Can Chew
CarrotCakeCraftable 01 Icon Party On! (Ulrich)
Pavilion Life Of The Party
FriedFishCraftable 01 Icon Party Foul
StainedGlassCraftable 01 Icon Lend A Fist
30px Paint the Studio Red

Tom Quests

From the Knight Sky
Tom Knight Fall
Tom Knight Flying
Tom No Need to Panic
Tom Stirry Knight
Tom Knight and Play
Tom A Knightly Journey
Tom Knight Woos
Tom Knight Visits
Tom The Charms of the Kingdom
A Dragon State of Mind
Tom A New Resident
Tom Tom Homes In
Tom Sleeping Like A Dragon
Tom Eating Like A Dragon
Tom Hoarding Like A Dragon
WoolThreadCraftable 01 Icon In Pain... Like a Dragon?
Tom Fly Like a Dragon
Tom Abducting Like a Dragon
Tom Breathing Like A Dragon
Reputation Reciting Like A Dragon
Gloom Watch
EggsMaterial 01 Icon No Need to Panic, Really
Keg Gloom Watch Origins
BreadDoughCraftable 01 Icon A Tad Doughy
BeastieRat The Gloom Rat
QuestRafaelAlone Member: Rafael
HoneyMaterial 01 Icon Not on My Watch