Energy 01

CastleVille energy is symbolized by a yellow lightning bolt icon. Most actions in CastleVille require the use of one energy, If you lack energy, then you will not be able to do much work.

Energy Bar


The energy bar constantly displays how much energy you have in play at the time. By placing your cursor over the energy bar you will see a display of the maximum energy you can have and of how much time is left untill you get more energy. The energy timer is also present under the Energy bar - when it is not already at maximum. When you have three energy, or less, a small banner will appear under the energy bar with the words "Add More Energy".

Extra Energy

When the energy bar displays a number that is bigger then your maximum energy, it means you have extra energy, usually from completing a quest. You cannot receive any additional energy when you are in this extra energy state.

Getting Energy

There are six ways to obtain Energy:

  1. Energy By Time: For every 5 minutes of time, you receive one unit of energy.
  2. Energy Potions: The market sells five types of energy potions. Higher amounts cost more.
  3. Energy From Friends: The free gifts link (above the game on the left). and window of friends, allow you to send one free energy, which then allows you to receive it in return. Each friend can give you one gift every day.
  4. Helping Neighbors: After helping a neighbor's kingdom (five actions in each kingdom) each day, you may receive between one and and three energy.
  5. Leveling Up: Leveling up gives you more energy, which can be count as extra energy. This will also raise your maximum energy limit (see next paragraph).
  6. Working The Land: By doing actions you might get a free energy. This is a totally random mechanism.

Raising Maximum Energy Limit

In the following table you can see the changes of the maximum energy in each level:

Level Energy Cap
1 10
2 15
3 20
4+ 25