Crown 01

Crowns are one of the most important items in the game as they are one of the currencies of the game and may be obtained in several ways. Crowns allow you to purchase special items, early unlock items in the market and to speed up processes.

Crown Bar

Crown bar

The crown bar displays the amount of crowns in your inventory. Crowns are hard to get, so don't spend them frivolously.

Getting More Crowns

There are only three ways to obtain more crowns:

  1. Leveling Up - You are given one free crown as a reward, each time you level up.
  2. Earn Crowns - This option can be found above the game. This option allows you to use real money to make sponsored purcahses, or donations, which will give you the amount of crowns as specified in advance. One current options in this tab is to earn three crowns through a company named CrowdFlower by answering some survey questions. The survey will require your time and patience. Answering randomly won't get you the pay.
  3. Add Coins & Crowns - This bar is located on the top left side of the game screen and allows you to purchase coins & crowns with real money. You may buy crowns in one of three ways:
Buy crowns

                  • Pay using your cellephone account. The payment will be charged in the cellphone bill.
                  • Pay through PayPal.
                  • Pay by credit card. Notice that if your credit card is not a USA credit card, then you need to have an international credit card in order to pay this way.

You may also purchase coins from this tab.