The coins are the main way to pay for things in the games. Most items in the market can be bought for a certain amount of coins, for example a kitchen costs Zynga1Coins 5,000 Coins. Your kingdom can have up to five million coins.

Coins Bar

Coins bar The coins bar is the place to see the number of coins you own. The number will change frequently since the coins are the leading payment option in the game.

Getting Coins

There are several ways to get more coins:

Tax building
  1. Taxing the houses - If there is a coin above a house that means it's time to collect taxes from this house (see picture). When taxing, if the people who live in the house are happy and satisfied you will get some extra bonus coin. If there isn't a coin above the house you can put the mouse on the house to see how much time left untill you can collect taxes from this house again.
  2. Selling Stuff - You can sell stuff from your inventory. Almost every item has a "sell" button which you can press in order to sell the item. Every item has a different value, for example, for one Egg you can get Zynga1Coins 5 Coins. You can also sell anything that is to be found on your land excluding rocks and trees.
  3. Harvesting - By harvesting animals and farms you get bonus coins.
  4. Completing Quests - After each quest you get a reward that contains some coins, experience and sometimes other items.
  5. News Feeds - You can also get some coins by clicking on the News Feeds of your friends.
  6. Add coins & crowns - This option can be found above the game. You can buy coins in one of 3 ways:
Buy coins

                  • By using your cellephone account. The payment will be charged in the cellphone bill.
                  • The game also let you pay through Paypal.
                  • Last and most obvious, you can pay with your credit card. Notice that if your credit card is not a USA credit card you need to have an international credit card in order to pay with it.

You can also purchase crowns from this tab.