Characters are subjects that join your Kingdom. Usually they are giving you goals, in quest chains.

At the end of each quest chain, if you are not yet high enough level to begin the next chain, they will instead ask you for a gift. These requests are not essential to advancing their quest chains, but provide coins. Once you have reached the required level for next quest chain, the gift icon will disappear and be replaced by the blue question mark indicating a new quest.

Giving characters the items they ask for has no effect on advancing on a character's quest line whatsoever. Those "gift requests" are there just to keep characters from being inactive while you don't meet all requirements for the next quest on their quest line (normally a minimum level requirement). On the other hand, depending on the item they ask for, it may be a good chance to win extra coins, since you're rewarded with 1000 coins for every gift you give them. Rafael and Yvette tend to ask for simpler items, while Sonja normally asks for higher level items.

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