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The Future Dragon Hunter

Baz is a child that appears on the reward screen along with George after visiting neighbors but he wasn't actually released until February 29th 2012. In order to unlock Baz and make him a permanent resident of your kingdom you have to complete the questline "The Lamont Swamp" where you have to defeat the evil gloom tree Lamont inside which Baz is trapped.


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Baz's House

Baz's house

Baz's house is an inflatable red, blue and yellow bouncy castle with a green dragon attached to it. You can collect 900 coins from the house every 5 hours. If you place Baz's house on courtyard you get an additional bonus of 90 coins when collecting.



  • High fives with George
  • Fighting the Gloom
  • Hunting dragons


Quest Series

A Gift For Baz