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Alchemist Powder
AlchemistPowderCraftable 01 Icon
Sell PriceZynga1Coins 10 Coins
Inventory Limit50
DescriptionMysterious Powder with magical properties

The Alchemist Powder is a material used in many recipes. You can obtain it by visiting neighbors and do 5 actions in their kingdoms. There is a high percentage to get the Alchemist Powder from the first neighbor you visit to the 8th, but then the percentage drop. It will reset itself after about 8 hours.

You will need Alchemist Powder for some of the missions and buildings. This material is considered to be very helpful.

Alchemist Powder is now craftable in the Beastie Laboratory. Available after finishing the Clucked Up quest in the When Beasties Attack series from The Duke .


The following list shows all the items that require Alchemist Powder to craft: *note some items are also available for purchase in the market.